Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Download ?


How it works : We will be using Hotspot Shield, a free VPN if you are outside of the US like I am to get a survey off $harecash where you simply download something. We are also using Sandboxie to immediately wipe the $harecash program along with prevent any viruses or malicious things into your computer. After you download the program, the file should unlock and you're done.

Sharecash Downloader : Bypass All ShareCash Surveys Easily

Follow the steps below and you will be able to complete Sharecash survey easily.

Step 1 : We will be using Sandboxie in this method, a program that basically protects your computer from malicious or potentially dangerous things when you runs programs through it.

To download Sandboxie click here.

Step 2 : Since $harecash gives surveys that require verification from a phone if you are not from the USA. We will need a VPN to change our IP to get a US ip. We will be using a free VPN called Hotspot Shield.

Note : If you are from the US, skip this step.

To download Hotspot Shield click here.

IMPORTANT : When installing make sure to click the box that says "Fix Page Not Found Errors" as this error may come up a lot.

After installation, run Hotspot Shield and an icon should appear in your tray. Right click the icon then hit connect and you should be taken here.

Sharecash downloder 2012  

Hit connect and wait for it to say "State: Connected". After it has been connected, go to any site and this should appear..

Sharecash downloder 2012 

Hit start and you are good.

Step 3 : Look for the program or file called "Run Web Browser Sandboxed". If you cannot find it, simply search for "Sandbox" and one of the appearances should be that.

Once your browser has opened go to your $harecash link. There should be a yellow border around your browser when you put your cursor there, like this.


Out of your downloads, you should choose one which implies that you will need to download something. For example, here are my surveys.

Sharecash downloder 2012 

I will be choosing the "Hook up directly to the music labels...." one since it implies I must download something.

Download whatever file or toolbar you have chosen. A window like this should appear from Sandbox. 

Sharecash downloder 2012 

 Simply hit close when you see this window. Now, run the program you just downloaded but run it through your web browser, for example in Firefox run the program through your download list. This way, the program stays sandboxed while you run it. If you did this right you should see a border in the installation as such. 

Sharecash downloder 2012 

Install your program or toolbar. When the program or toolbar is finished and it prompts you to restart your browser, allow them to do this. Soon this message should appear.
  Sharecash downloder 2012 

Download your file and again this message should appear again. 

Sharecash downloder 2012 

This time hit recover. Close Firefox and any program that the survey asked you to install and you are free of those programs immediately! Go into the directory where you saved your file and you are done.

So friends, I hope this Sharecash downloader will help you to bypass Sharecash Survey. I tried out this Sharecash downloading trick with numerous sharecash files and found it working perfect for every link. If you have any questions feel free to post below.

Enjoy free Sharecash downloader to bypass Sharecash survey...
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