Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Bayfiles Premium Accounts 27 july 2012


  1. Bayfiles provides its users with an infrastructure, which enables the user to save electronic files on internet servers. After saving the files, the user receives a download link, through which his/her file can be downloaded over the internet anywhere in the world as well as a "Remove" link, with which his/her uploaded file can be removed from the server again.
  2. The files saved with Bayfiles are treated confidentially. Bayfiles does not supply any search function, with whose help the Bayfiles infrastructure can be searched. Bayfiles does not open nor view the files of its users. The files are not catalogued nor listed in tables of contents by Bayfiles.
  3. The services provided by Bayfiles are essentially free-of-charge. However, Bayfiles does offer services, which considerably increase the performance and user comfort, for a charge.

 If you are from,
sorry i'm redirecting you here.
Because the site will be moved permanently in 1 august 2012.
So bookmark this site to avoid losing your free premium accounts..



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